HOW is the new NOW!

To lead yourself, you write down the HOW and the HOW is the things you are doing now to create your future. Doing that will help you design the life you want to live.

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People want to change and they want to change now and I am getting ready to tell you HOW.

The way that you think determines the quality of your life. If you want to change something in your life or change the quality of your life, here’s the most important question to ask: HOW?

HOW do I do it?

What you think about determines HOW you feel, HOW happy you are and HOW motivated you are.

If you can say, “HOW do I do this,” “HOW do I do this” and “HOW do I do this?”

In other words, the big subject, like for example HOW do I make more money, HOW do I make a better marriage, HOW do I get a promotion at work, by sitting down, taking out a sheet of paper and writing down our HOW by coming up with answers to those questions changes your whole outlook on life. If we don’t verbalize things and tell others about our HOW then it won’t happen.

Each one of us knows the answer to things in our life. Things like HOW to do great things, HOW to have great success and HOW to find happiness, but if we don’t write it down and verbalize it as to HOW it’s going to happen then it’s unlikely that it will happen.

If you will notice when you ask questions like HOW do I become, HOW do I get, HOW do I feel, none of these questions relate to your history or have you looking back at your past. People that look forward as to what they are going to do or what they need to do and don’t reflect on past problems, past mishaps and past miseries.

The HOW starts to create positive results because you are not looking back in your rearview mirror.

HOW do I get this $400,000 car?

HOW do I get that 10,000 square foot house?

HOW do I get this promotion that is 10 percent more

HOW can I do something little today?

HOW can I do something tiny today?

HOW do I do it?

You start getting as tiny a HOW as you can get in the beginning. My suggestion is not to eliminate any small step, not eliminate any crazy idea. List all the possible ways that you can create this.

Robert Schuller wrote a book called “Power Thoughts” that deals with this subject. He talks about if “you are able to dream it, then you can do it.” I love that thinking. It’s talking about finding the HOW.

People that are more successful, people that are happier, people that do greater things in life are future oriented. People that don’t live on past achievements or past failures create more. You want to be the person that lives and focuses in the future.

Don’t sit around talking about what you did in high school like a lot of people do. You probably know guys that sit around and talk about playing high school football and HOW they almost won a conference championship. They remember every single play. They are just reliving their glory days even though it was 10 or 20 years ago.

You can’t do that and keep moving forward.

HOW is the new now because you are not wondering if you can do something, and you are not saying maybe I can? You are focused on making it happen. Really, the only question is time.

We already know it’s going to happen because we’ve talked about it, written it down and we are focused on acting on those steps we need to execute to achieve something we want.

When you are focused on the future you are leading yourself with that dream and goal in mind. To lead anybody else, you must first learn to lead yourself.

To lead yourself, you write down the HOW and the HOW is the things you are doing now to create your future. Doing that will help you design the life you want to live.

Go get yourself some now!

  1. David O' Donnell
    David O' Donnell
    August 3, 2011 at 2:19 am

    Good post Andy, I specifically like what your saying about baby steps. I was just looking at a drawing of my organization from two months ago and comparing against what things look like now and the growth is amazing! The only reason for any growth is commitment to the HOW. That’s what I love about being on your team, you have laid out the how for me.
    The simplicity is this , if I bring the WHY to the table and the HOW has been worked out- we have the foundation for getting done whatever we want in life.
    Appreciate you sir.

  2. Rhonda Smith
    Rhonda Smith
    August 30, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    Thank You, Andy Albright……You know just what all of us need and are struggling with…….I LOVE NAA!!!! One of my recruits asked me the other day how long I was planning on staying with NAA and I said FOREVER!!!! Everyone upline to me, from Kim Smith to You Andy are simply AMAZING and I get great encouragment and support from you all and in a time in my life that I really NEED positive, positive, positive!!!! I found it……Thank You, Andy and I will be seeing you and getting to meet you in September!!!

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