I’ve got a beachcomber’s style and a license to smile!

Greetings from Anna Maria Island in Florida!

So after an amazing cruise to Barbados, Tortola, St. Barts and all these crazy other spots, we got back to Raleigh around 9:40 p.m. Sunday night. Most people would be beat after that right?

Ha! No way! Monday morning it was back to the airport with Jane and the kids.

Let me back up just a second. While we were gone, we started to hear reports of the devastation back home after tornadoes swept through much of North Carolina. We started getting voice mails and texts from our yard man, neighbors and family.

Our house had been pounded by the tornado. Shingles had been ripped off our house, pool furniture was in the pond and our satellite dish off our garage was thrown in the pond 100 yards away. It ripped it through the ceiling and we had shingles all over the place.

We are going to have to get new shingles on all our roofs, new tin on our barn and many of our trees were destroyed. We were laughing and crying at the same time.

We understand that our family is everything and trees and shingles are nothing.

Unfortunately, our neighbor Rodney Hinshaw, one of our staff people, had seven trees on top of it. His power was out and we quickly mobilized our network to help him. Dale “the yard man” Brand was on the job, our CPA Keith Hall had our adjustors on the way out and we headed to Florida because everything was well, everything was being taken care of and everything can be replaced.

It was just another wakeup call of how lucky we were that our family wasn’t harmed when you hear about 24 deaths and people losing their homes completely. So the kids were OK, and we got ready for our next adventure with Haleigh and Spencer down here in Florida this week.

Jane and I wanted to spend the week with the kids because it’s important to us and it’s a great way to be around each other during the Easter weekend. We love being able to do neat things with Haleigh and Spencer, so that’s what we’re doing down here. So all week long, we’ve been living “Floridays,” which my press secretary says is some code word for living like an island or holiday lifestyle for an extended amount of time. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about, but if he means warm sunny beaches, fun with family and relaxation then I’m down with that program. Blue skies and ultraviolet rays … It’s beautiful down here guys, you’d love it.

The beaches are beautiful here and we are having a blast together. We’re staying in a nice three-bedroom house that has a pool maybe 50 yards from the beach. I’ve got my iPad here with me on the beach typing this up, Haleigh and Spencer are being beach bums and Jane is soaking up rays with me! I’m sitting underneath a huge umbrella deal that keeps me just cool enough and I’ve got an ice cold drink chillin’ in my right hand.

I even got my toes in the sand a little bit! Today we went out on jet skis and we were going wide open on the water. Spencer had this big grin on his face and it was cool to see him enjoying that with me.

We’ve been on the beach every day and the weather has been incredible. We went shopping a few times around St. Armonds Circle, which is about as close to Sarasota as you can get without being in Sarasota.

Each night, I’ve been firing up the grill and we haven’t really even been out to eat because we’re having so much fun staying near the beach and the pool. It’s been a “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” kind of week as Jimmy Buffett would say.

The Albrights are just chillin’. We’ve got our toes in the water, tails in the sand and not a worry in the world because life is good today!

During our cruise I had a birthday and the National Agents Alliance family presented me with a journal that everybody on the trip wrote notes to me in. It was really a special gift that I’m enjoying reading and working with. Thanks guys!

While we’re on vacation, we’re still thinking about some of the things coming up for NAA and its growing family. We’re pumped about the upcoming trip to Atlantis and being able to be around the NAA team even more.

We’ve got a big group coming to our corporate office for a seminar on Monday and they better be ready. I’m amped up like you wouldn’t believe and I’m ready to motivate some people in a big way. It’s going to be CRAZY!

Wish you were here, see you or talk to you soon!

One thought on “I’ve got a beachcomber’s style and a license to smile!

  1. Mike Alleman

    Thanks for sharing this story. I know when I used to have to depend on someone else to tell me when it was ok to take a vacation, it would have been impossible to focus on my family as you are doing. AND I know you also give a tremendous amount to your NAA Family every day. Looking forward to Atlantis where we are getting to bring our kids to hang with us. Can’t wait to meet under that palm tree by the pool.
    – Mike and Michele Alleman

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