Judging the LuLu eGames at N.C. State University

I’m a big supporter of North Carolina State University. I went to school there and it is where my daughter, Haleigh goes to school too. I’m also a big believer in entrepreneurship and the American Dream, where you control what you do and when you do it.

I’ve been able to find a place at N.C. State that offers students a chance to do big things in business and entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurship Initiative. I’m on the EI Advisory Board, and the Albright Village, where the students put their ideas into action, is named in honor of my wife, Jane and I. For the last couple of years, I have also helped judge the LuLu eGames on campus. I was asked to help judge this contest on April 14 at the Talley Student Union, and more than $60,000 worth of prize money was given to winners in different categories.

Entrepreneurship is what made America great and it’s what is going to make it great again. I support all kinds of entrepreneurial initiatives around the country, but more specifically at N.C. State because it is my alma mater and I love working with them and enjoy spending time around these young kids.

They come from all kinds of backgrounds like engineering, science, English, etc. They are hungry for something greater and something more. Entrepreneurism can provide that for these kids. The eGames at N.C. State gives the students a reason, a game, a competition to try to win and win big. They put their energy in these new businesses that are good for other people. They make our lives better and they make themselves better by trying and competing.

The eGames are wonderful in that format. Through those games and the Albright Entrepreneurial Village, I believe we can make an impact on N.C. State University, on our community, the state of North Carolina and our great country.

To see a full list of the winners, visit http://bit.ly/1QNFj0T

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