The new Key Leader program, what it means and how National Agents Alliance came up with it

Are you a Key Leader? If you are involved with National Agents Alliance then you’ve heard about our new Key Leader Program that we’ve developed in the last month or so. Let me explain a little about it and tell you how we came up with the “Key” idea. I...

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Are you a Key Leader?
Are you a Key Leader?

If you are involved with National Agents Alliance then you’ve heard about our new Key Leader Program that we’ve developed in the last month or so.

Let me explain a little about it and tell you how we came up with the “Key” idea.

I was talking with one of our advisory board members Tim Goad, who simply asked what’s the step just underneath an agency manager in National Agents Alliance?

Now, if you really know me it’s rare that I am left with almost nothing to say.

In this case, Goad had me and I knew National Agents Alliance had to devise something to cure this deficiency.

“What’s it look like,” Tim Goad asked me. “What’s the diagram, the design of an agency manager and what’s right underneath that level?”

“I don’t know, an agency manager does this, that and that,” I said. “We really don’t have anything created under that level.”


It’s one of those things where a simple idea solves a problem that I’m not even sure I really knew was there. That’s why National Agents Alliance needs people like Tim Goad!

He was thinking outside the box and I’m so glad he did.

So, I take 30 minutes, an hour, whatever with Tim and we come up with our Key Leader Program.

Goad suggested something smaller because it created a smaller goal below agency manager that people could reach faster. It is also a way for agency managers to see the need for quality and depth in their business.

It was also an improvement to our structure because we did have a certain void from new agents to agency managers and now we’ve solved that problem with a simple idea.

I think this plan can be achieved in 30-60-90 days, depending on what an agent’s goal is. It’s simple and it works out with a “key” tiered diagram.

Here’s what you have to do. Take a person writing 10,000 personal production and up-to-date on his/her President’s Club. Ok, that’s where we start this thing. That person then needs two more direct to them doing 5,000 paid business a month and one more in depth doing 5,000 per month issue paid. It adds up to 25,000 a month total.

That’s it. Does that make sense? Is that too hard to grasp or comprehend?

If it is, just email me and I’ll make it even clearer if that’s possible.

Now, if somebody gets this structure in their business, then they are probably going to be well above the 25,000 a month level. If you’re doing that and you have your President’s Club completed then you will be recognized as a “key leader.”

Since we rolled this plan out, when I take a call or email it seems like it’s about “how can I become a key leader?” I spell it out for them and it’s the first thing I talk about now because it’s such a hot topic with people.

The thing folks have to remember is this: You can hire 50 people and that’s fine. But, if you have two or three solid people to work with then you need to focus on them and get this “key leader” structure going. Find a couple or a few that you can really work with.

Here’s what I want you guys to understand. If you can get people to 5,000 a month and get one in depth to 5,000 then you are a key leader. If you do that twice, then you are an agency manager, and you are really more than an agency manager because that’s the depth we need in our company. Slow down if you can get that going because you’ve got a winner started.

It’s that easy and I want all our team to have two key leaders and we’ll take off from there. That kind of structure provides the stability we want in our company going forward. 2011 is going to be the year of the “key leader” at National Agents Alliance.

Will you be one?

What seems so simple is going to be incredible for National Agents Alliance. We’ll be able to identify quickly who the true leaders in National Agents Alliance will be, and it’s going to be obvious. Hurry and become one, the time is now!

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  1. Bruce Brown
    Bruce Brown
    January 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm


    I saw this when I was at instant Thunder and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Thanks to you and Tim both for your leadership but for putting a “bite-size” step in place for new agents to shoot for. Thanks for all you, John, Barry and every one of the leaders at NAA do for us…..

    See you in a few days at convention!

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