Learning and coaching one lesson at a time

I want to talk just for a second about leadership and the impact it can have in our lives every single day! 

It doesn’t take much, just a little effort and interest in what’s going on with people we encounter every single day. It can be powerful and it can be so impactful. In short, it can make a difference. But you have to make that effort! You’ve got to do it!

Here’s what you got to do: You have to develop leaders!

When you read one or two pages out of a book on leadership and use it to grow your team. Grab somebody and sit them down and tie it to what’s going on with them and their work. It’s non-stop talking and you will learn more when you teach that page or two pages out of a book and they will appreciate that. You can’t take an hour and a half, just take about 10 to 15 minutes. Do that all the time with people. Lunchtime … take a different person every week, take two people. Tell them, ‘Guys we’re going to talk about one subject and we’re going to hammer this one subject. You’d be surprised over a couple years how much you can put into somebody.

Last thing today, John Maxwell comments that a biblical principle can do as much in a person’s life as a biblical chapter and verse. But, the principle is Jesus, the principle is God. You realize that and it sets you free to talk to anybody! SHICKYBOOMYOW!

5 thoughts on “Learning and coaching one lesson at a time

  1. Jonathan Rogers

    Love this one!! You are an incredible example of great leadership. Holly and I are extremely BLESSED to be a part of National Agents Alliance and we are dedicated to developing leaders here. Mentoring and helping others is what we are here to do!

  2. Katie Reavis

    Andy —
    It sounds simple to me –> DO SOMETHING! You will NOT get anywhere or find ANY LEADERS by doing NOTHING.

  3. David O' Donnell

    It’s amazing the power of small actions like this. Over time this approach with the right people will compound. I will implement this immediately. It reminds me of ” People overestimate what they can do in a day but way underestimate what they can do in a year” – JM . Thanks again for Instant Thunder.

  4. jackie campisi

    Andy, I was faced with a difficult decision when I was diagnosed with cancer. Am I to be a follower- and let the medical profession run my life or am I to take responsibility and learn how to heal myself and then lead others in that direction. I chose to lead thru personal responsibility. I healed myself thru nutrition and then became a shining example so that others wished to follow. I created a huge network of like-minded individuals never imagining that this warm market will be not only serve as a lead system of my own, but a place to draw strength while helping others. Knowledge is power. I learned that treating symptons (like my tumors) doesn’t stop the the cause or the ‘why’ it happened & that you need to get at the root.
    I liken this to leadership. Nobody can make you a leader- YOU have to want it for yourself. You need to be rooted in the conviction that what you do makes a difference. You have to lead by example. This is what attracted us to your organization…we saw Shawn and Gordon and Rich leading by your example. We hope to emulate them in this business. Greg & I can’t wait to meet ya’ll in NC!
    I read your book and am happy to hear of your wife’s recovery. You are very blessed indeed & we are happy to share our discoveries if it interests you.

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