Let your calendar be your boss … daily

How do you plan out your hours, days and weeks?

How do you answer people when they ask you what your schedule looks like when they want to meet with you?

Here’s the magical and mind-blowing answer: Let me check my calendar!

See, you have a calendar even if you don’t realize it. You get 24 hours each day, seven days each week and 365 days each year.

The real question is what are you doing with all that time? It is very hard to answer that if you are not scheduling out your hours, days and week by using your calendar.

Why is important to use the calendar? It is like your internal boss. It will tell you what to do if you listen.

Each night, I can tell you I check with my boss, which is really my calendar. As I go through my days, I continue to schedule and add new appointments, meetings and activities based on what is already on my calendar. Here’s a bonus: there are times when I move things around so that I can get the more done and get the most important things done based on the urgency of the item in question.

I ask things like the following:

What do I want tomorrow to look like?

What does today look like?

What do I need to do next?

What has to get done today, tomorrow and the day after that?

As I begin to answer those questions, I start to get a picture or an outline of what needs to happen and I can see how to make it happen using my calendar. If you know exactly what you have to get done or what you need to be working on then you will have fewer challenges, headaches and failures.

Don’t feel bad about telling people what has to happen because if it is on your calendar that is what is going to happen. When you can tell or even show people why you don’t have time to meet with them they will be more understanding than if you try to make up an excuse on the fly.

Hey, by putting things on your calendar you will catch yourself not doing what you should be doing hour by hour. That’s OK. Nobody is perfect. When that happens, let that be a lesson that you have to be intentional with your time.

Take some time right now to map out the rest of today. When you finish with today, do the same for tomorrow. Finally, schedule out the rest of your week. Revisit your calendar each day for the next seven days until it becomes habit.

If you can become consistent in scheduling your days and time, then you will get more accomplished. You will also get more done in less time.

Let your calendar be your boss and watch what happens!

6 thoughts on “Let your calendar be your boss … daily

  1. Ron Castor

    There are 2 hands on my watch, little hand says NOW, big hand says RIGHT NOW. My schedule tells me what I need to be doing my time. Thank you for all your words of wisdom Andy.

  2. Terri Stell-Warren

    Hi Andy –
    We’ve realized before we started with the Alliance that our time was wasting away. Now, everything has to be scheduled in order for it all to come together!! Thank you Andy for the opportunity and for pouring into us. Truly grateful!!
    Beth & Terri

  3. Tim Sipe

    Thanks Andy! This is GREAT advice! I’m also noticing when I write things down, it’s less I have to remember, and gives me more mental space to be more focused.

  4. James Alston

    This is really good, Andy! I have a BHAG to become Seal Team in July although I have a full-time job still (until Sep 1st). Soon my Calendar WILL BE my boss!

  5. Gregory Travis

    Great advice! How do you know where you’re going if you don’t identify it and plan it out. Thank you for motivation you provide!

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