The president and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright, helped create one of the largest life insurance marketing companies in the United States. NAA has reached over $100 million in sales in its first five years and has now reached $145 million, with a projection of hitting $1 billion in the next five years—but you will never hear Albright take any credit for that.  Albright will also refrain from taking credit from helping ordinary people from all walks of life become millionaire and leaders.

But one thing Albright will take credit for is his system: The Eight Steps to Success. Albright maintains that the millionaires and the success of National Agents Alliance were created by following The Eight Steps to Success of the company.

The Eight Steps to Success offers easy-to-use tool to help individuals overcome the fear of business and develop steps to reach unbelievable heights of success.

Over the past 20 years, Albright had dedicated himself to finding, identifying and keeping great people; as well as staying on course with determination and the help of the Eight Steps. Because Albright truly believes and stands beside the Eight Steps, he teaches them to everyone that he encounters, even those who are not affiliated with National Agents Alliance.

Albright is not in this game for himself; he finds great satisfaction in helping and guiding others in finding success and freedom through his system and principles that have helped him excel in business. But, his principles didn’t just help him succeed, Albright has witnessed these steps help others reach their goal of financial and personal free time and time again.

As Albright said, “When a person embraces these concepts and puts the steps into daily practice, they are responsible for their success, not me. they chart their course, not me.”