Make Today Your Super Bowl!

Hey gang! As we reflect on what millions watched during the Super Bowl, I’m reminded of what great athletes can teach us about how to keep winning in our business. When the coaches and key players, like quarterbacks and cornerbacks are asked what quality is most important to success in...

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Spring Forward

Hey gang!

As we reflect on what millions watched during the Super Bowl, I’m reminded of what great athletes can teach us about how to keep winning in our business.

When the coaches and key players, like quarterbacks and cornerbacks are asked what quality is most important to success in the game, you’ll hear many say, “very short memories.”

When a quarterback throws an interception or a corner gets burned by a receiver, they have to forget it, and be ready for the next play coming in thirty seconds or less. They have to almost instantly forgive and forget. This is resiliency.

Ego can drive you to win. Desire for achievement can drive you to win. Even desperation can drive you to win. But resiliency is necessary to keep winning.

It’s interesting that ego can also prevent you from winning, and desire for achievement can even create frustration and stress that interferes with success. But resiliency always contributes to winning.

A sales slump often represents a decline in resiliency, and agents are prone to avoidance of confrontation, procrastination and a reduction in activity. Avoiding the problem never makes it go away, but we all know that hearing “No” 10 straight times makes the phone feel like it weighs 100 pounds. Instead of giving in to human nature, our leaders understand it’s more logical to turn up the activity a couple notches, jump back on the phone and redouble their efforts.

That’s resiliency. That’s a trait National Agents Alliance’s best display every day. “Fitz” didn’t get to be No. 1 by running and hiding when the going got tough. Adam Katz and all the top income earners got knocked down many times, but kept getting up to get back in the fight. Because they did, they began to develop a self-image of a person immune to temporary disappointments or setbacks, and now serve as models of consistency, where occasional tough times have no chance to knock them off course. They face every situation with dignity and a calm confidence, and when they do face adversity, they bounce back quickly.

We’ve all seen the same traits displayed in other industries.  The late Steve Jobs, after he was forced to resign from Apple, formed NeXT, making computer workstations designed for educators.  Proving to be remarkably resilient, he sold his company to Apple, was re-hired to be the Apple CEO, and transformed the company that had let him go into the world’s biggest technology company.

Donald Trump has reached great heights and unbelievable lows, but because of resiliency, continues to be an extremely successful businessman and one of the USA’s most wealthy.

Michael Jordan was told he wasn’t good enough to be on his varsity high school team as a sophomore, but didn’t stay down long. I think we all know how he proved his critics wrong!

When you were a child, did you ever fall off your bike? If you never got back on and tried again would you have ever learned to ride? Did you ever see an 8-year-old drop a fly ball? How many major leaguers did the same thing at that age? Where would they be if that caused them to quit?

Think back on all the times you overcame setbacks, and showed the resiliency I’m talking about.  Understand that you already have the ability to bounce back from anything, and be determined to strengthen and emphasize this trait. Be like the Eveready bunny. Keep on keepin’ on.  Have a short memory on hard times; re-program your mind with nothing but successes.

If you want to win BIG at National Agents Alliance, make sure you meet me at the Spring Forwards where you’ll meet and learn from some incredibly resilient National Agents Alliance Leaders like Stephen Davies, Alex Abuyuan and the rest of our Top 10 (and many more). You’ll hear their stories of resiliency and they will share with you how they had to face the same challenges you’re looking at today.

We want to take you with us to the TOP!  Get registered for the Spring Forwards!

Hammer Down!

P.S.  Don’t just register yourself for the Spring Forward … bring your team! Your business will take off like a rocket. You don’t want to miss these events.


  • March 9-11 Los Angeles, Cali.
  • March 23-25  Dallas, Texas
  • April 27-29  Atlanta, Ga. and Baltimore, Md.

  1. Stephanie Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor
    February 9, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Andy, Jeff and I look forward to becoming more and more resilient. It’s not an easy road, but we’re willing to take it on. Here’s a positive nugget for you in regards to the rotational meetings that everyone is pitching in on: We’re amazed at the teamwork within NAA! One of our newer team members made it to the rotational meeting in Birmingham last night. I asked Mike Alleman if he would be on the lookout for her. He did that, spoke with her and put CD’s in her hand! We can’t say enough about Mike. He has really been looking out for us. We’re so blessed by NAA! Our team member in response to attending the meeting last night: “Stephanie, I went to the orientation last night. It was a blast! I enjoyed it and people in there were so friendly and helpful, especially Mike, the presenter, he is the best. He mentioned that you and Jeff already told him to look out for me. Thank You so much for encouraged me to go to this meeting. I was kind of afraid of meeting people at first, but the friendly environment in the meeting makes me want to explore more. Thank You!”

  2. Greg Archer
    Greg Archer
    February 9, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Andy, When the Rotational Meetings first stsrted I was NOT for them. Absolutely not every week ! Now I am ABSOLUTELY for them . Most weeks I attend 2 of them with downline. I have grown the last few months more than I have in a LONG time ! ASSOCIATION !! A huge aspect, someone else can tell your folks the same thing they’ve been hearing and they get it !
    THANK YOU !!! AND the leaders travelling and holding the meetings !!

  3. Debbie Key - Alleman Group
    Debbie Key - Alleman Group
    February 12, 2012 at 9:33 am

    Andy I’ve known millionaires my while life, some are family members, but they never show me how to do it for myself. I’ve been around Fitz, Melanie and Chadwick Ray, Mike and Michelle Alleman, John Wilson and others, and they won’t stop telling me HOW. Persistence and Resilance has always been apart if my life just in the wrong areas. With NAA I believe those attributes will actually get me where I have always wanted to be. Now I have the tools-Thank You!

  4. Justin Karsnitz
    Justin Karsnitz
    February 16, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Andy, thank you for all of your blogs.

    I just want to check my thinking on this.

    More than just staying in the game, being resilient allows for a continuation of practice on the basics that lead to success. Those basics when practiced enough times become second nature to us. Then putting the basics to WORK through NAACTIVITY will increase our self confidence and lead to success faster because we know consciously AND subconsciously that we will successfully execute.

    I was not much more than a lump of coal when I joined NAA in 2006. I am certain that without resiliency and association with you and your leaders I would have been gone long ago. I can’t wait to tell our story from stage when the time is right because I know it will give people hope and make a difference.

    Thank you for doing what most people aren’t willing to do. It has been a tremendous inspiration in good and bad times. Love ya man.

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