Making a difference for young entrepreneurs at N.C. State University

When I graduated from North Carolina State University in 1986, I wanted to come back one day and make a difference for young people on campus.

My wife, Jane and I HAD THAT DREAM COME TRUE with the grand opening of the Andy and Jane Albright Entrepreneurs Village at Innovation Hall on Sept. 2. in Raleigh, N.C.

The Albright Village is part of the Entrepreneurship Initiative and it’s a place where students can live and work together on their respective ventures. When I was at N.C. State there was no opportunity like this, but that changed when Dr. Tom Miller started the EI program in 2008. I’ve served on the EI board for the last several years, and we love the work Tom and his team are doing with bright, young entrepreneurs at N.C. State. We donated a significant amount of money to this program because we believe so strongly in job creation in America. These young people will be future employers in North Carolina and beyond.

The village is first class and students can work any time they want, 24/7 if they want to. The village has a “garage” where they can work on their product and they have access to a laser cutter, 3D printer, editing suites and private meeting rooms.

Jane and I have supported the EI program since we learned about it, but this was a much larger commitment and one that we thought would have the biggest impact on the most young people on campus. It’s very exciting to see the building complete and seeing our names on the building made it even more real. Additionally, getting to meet the Albright Scholars after the ribbon cutting ceremony was a special treat for us. We love working with young people and this gives us another way to do that.

I encourage you to learn more about the EI program and I hope that you are inspired to support or give to your favorite school, charity or cause in the future. Our goal is to do even more in the future with N.C. State and many other worthwhile causes.

This short video gives a great overview of the Albright Village. I hope you will take a minute to check it out now.

Albright Village opens its doors at NC State

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