MLB All-Stars … why bringing the proper mindset matters!

Phoenix, ARIZONA

Chase Bank Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Home of the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The site of a meeting with some cool National Agents Alliance people for the last 72 hours!

Guys, that what I was doing since the last couple of days. I took my daughter Haleigh with me to the MLB All-Star festivities.

How cool does that sound? Shickyboom!

When you are able to take in an event like this and see people at the top of their profession, then you can’t help but think … why are we not on that level yet? OK, some of us are, but some of us are not … that has to change. It’s time to shake up the makeup … or move back down to “Triple A” ball. If you don’t think like that you will never make it in the “BIG SHOW!”

Part of the deal was that we could hang with Matt Holliday (St. Louis Cardinals outfielder), one of the MLB all-stars out here in Arizona, and his dad Ron Holliday, who is one of State’s baseball coaches. We put the money up, put the date on the calendar and here we are.

We were hanging at the pool, getting autographs by the pool at the Biltmore Hotel where we are staying … all the good stuff. Here’s the deal, above all, these PROS are fanatical workers and they are dedicated to be the best at what they do. How about that concept?

They are focused and dedicated. Here’s the crazy thing: once you get a contract and win a ticket to play in the “big show,” guess what? It’s time to show or go. When you win a ticket or when you win a level it gives you the opportunity for a bigger or new challenge.

Some people are up for the next level, some people are up for the next challenge. I’m looking for the people who will go as far as Super Mario will go. I’m looking for the people who will go to the top, who will go peak to peak, for the people who want to own a jet, for the people who want to travel the world. Hear ye, hear ye: identify yourself.

You play 162 games in a season and it’s time to go to work. You have to show up and work, not sit on your butt and rest on what got you to that level. You have to practice; you have to go to every interview, practice every morning, do the work, show up for all that and turn the lights on and cash in on that ticket.

If you don’t hit .300 (that’s only one hit every three at-bats), you won’t be around long. If you make errors as an infielder, you won’t stick. If you can’t throw strikes and get outs as a pitcher, see ya!

It’s that simple.

It’s like I’ve said before, you win that game, you get that ticket, it’s time to cash in on that ticket and play at a higher level. If you don’t perform, guess what? Back to Triple A, back to Double A, back to Advanced A ball and then get a J-O-B! Ouch!

Wouldn’t that be terrible?
Work that hard to get to the majors and see it go to waste because you didn’t do the work you needed to. That’s what I got from this trip. Once you win it is time to turn it on and prove that you belong there.

You have to do it to stay there or you are back to the minors. Nobody wants that and that is why you fight for that spot every day.

5 thoughts on “MLB All-Stars … why bringing the proper mindset matters!

  1. Brad Neves

    I love it Andy! Thanks so much for what you have done and for being the example of what you are saying here. I look forward to stepping up and working for this opportunity like never before! Thanks for the words of inspiration coach!

  2. Kyle Keator

    Char and I are stepping up. We are not here to take sides anymore we are here to take over. Thanks Andy for all you do.

    Kyle and Charlene Keator

  3. Paul Epstein

    I got my chance and now I inted to use it. Thank you so very much for the time you spent with us in PHX. We appriciate you! I love what you are saying here, and I always learn so much from your thoughts. Thanks Again Andy.

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