Newspaper publishes article on my man cave! Go check it out!!!

Sam Roberts/Times-News

Sam Roberts/Times-News

So I knew that the local paper here in Burlington, N.C. was doing a story on my man cave here at our house, but I didn’t know what they were going to publish.

I had a photographer out here and talked to the reporter on the telephone, but you never really know what to think when a paper man calls you up. You really have to be careful what you say because once it’s printed … it’s printed.

But DUDE, when I got up and I had my chief of staff Chris Reavis buzzing me and a bunch of other people calling, texting and sending me Facebook messages, I was pumped. We had a nice picture of our recreation room on the front page of the accent section in the Burlington Times-News and the article was solid. I loved it and it turned out awesome! Thanks to Michael Abernathy, the reporter, and Sam Roberts, the photographer, for making us look so good in print! Good job guys.

Later today, Jane, Haleigh, Spencer and I have a good group of people coming over to spend some quality time together and watch the big game. We’ve got the food going, I’ve just been working from the house and talking to a lot of quality people in the National Agents Alliance family today. It’s one of those special days you get to share with your family during the year. I’m pumped about the big game and I can’t wait to spend good time with good friends and family. I feel blessed. It’s going to be a huge 2011 and I hope you are enjoying my blog.

Now, go look at the crazy article … here’s the link:

Get after it guys!

Andy Albright

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