Rockin’ the ATL … War Party style!

We are in Atlanta, Ga. right now! Yesterday, we were in Orlando, Fla. It’s the second day of our three-day War Parties this week. If you are in Atlanta right now, you know it’s electric, it’s powerful and the house is packed with sharp people that want to do big things.

I wanted to share this quick video with you … you can watch it below. Paul Roberts, one of our top managers, is featured in this video. He talks about the hope The Alliance offers to people that are hungry, willing and able. He talks about how our meetings help catapult you to the next level. Guys, these war parties really are like our national events with an extremely intimate feel to them. It’s the easiest way you can get around the leaders of our organization.

The trick is this: YOU have to be here to know that. YOU have to make the effort to attend a War Party. You have to see The Alliance in action to understand what The Alliance is all about. People see our groups having fun, making money and making a difference all over the world and the top question we hear is always the same. “What do you guys do for a living?”

It cracks me up. I tell them we are in the insurance business and they just shake their head and smile. It’s hard for others to grasp that we provide insurance to families all over the United States. That is what we do, but we also put a huge emphasis on our team, our relationships and that’s important for people to understand.

Guys, we are in Burlington, N.C. tomorrow. We’ll be pulling up to our campus in our new “American Ride” with my buddies Kyle Winebrenner, Paul Roberts, Bill Lampe, Kyle Keator and Chris Hill. I cannot wait to get things started at our headquarters. But, before we even start the War Party, I’ll be hosting The Wednesday Call live from our campus at 12:30 ET. Check it out at

Until then … check out this video below … don’t forget to leave comments, I love hearing from all of you out there!

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