Went to San Antonio to visit with Charlie Amato!

Hey guys! Taking a break here during a seminar at our Burlington headquarters in North Carolina and I wanted to take a couple minutes to tell you about the last few days. I flew out to San Antonio, Texas on Sunday afternoon to meet with George Mohacsi of Foresters and Charlie Amato, the chairman of Southwest Business Corporation.

Amato has invited George and me out to see his operations on several occasions and we first got to know him through our efforts with the Children’s Miracle Network at various events.

Charlie owns several different insurances companies which offer various services; he’s also a co-owner in four subsidiaries of SWBC, is a board member with the San Antonio Spurs and co-owns a real estate business and Lone Star Automotive. He’s a great man and we had a blast.

Most of the time when I meet a person, I am trying to think about how the relationship will be five years from now when I really know the person better. You really can’t just meet somebody and be best friends overnight. It just doesn’t work that way. It takes times to earn that trust and loyalty – no matter who you are.

It certainly helps with Charlie being on the board of directors with the Children’s Miracle Network because that carries a lot of weight with me. My involvement with National Agents Alliance and us being the No. 1 life insurance selling organization with Foresters worldwide lends us credibility with Charlie. But, it still takes time to build up that relationship.

So Charlie had us out at his company and we had a good chance to talk about business and shared ideas with each other.

You never know, we might start a company together at some point down the road?

He’s always helpful in our meetings and he will offer us tips that we might not have thought about. Of course, we do the same when the opportunity presents itself.

Another cool part of the trip was being able to sit in the owner’s box at the San Antonio Spurs game Monday night. They lost to the Portland Trail Blazers and we had a blast hanging out with several of the Spurs’ top front office personnel. It was cool to see an NBA game, but the food and the association were even better than the action. We might have even learned a trick or two that we can implement at National Agents Alliance.

The key to the trip – and the point I want to drive home – was that we are non-stop thinking about five years down the road for National Agents Alliance. In your business, when you are reading a book or attending a lecture, you know it will help you immediately. More importantly, you want to do things that will change your future five years after the fact. You want to do things constantly that will help you on a short-term and long-term basis.

Attend the seminars National Agents Alliance offers for you. We’ve got one going on this week right now. We’ve had bestselling author Patrick Kelly in town and I wish more of you out there had been here to learn from him and the rest of the National Agents Alliance team.

You should go to free seminars, inexpensive seminars and even the more expensive ones. Get in President’s Club, get the books we suggest to help you in your business. If you don’t do something now, your business will not change for the better. Do something now and repeat the good things you are doing over and over again.

Network, associate, learn, educate and get better so that five years from now, your income will be 10 times higher and you’ll be a better person.      

I’m excited to see where some of you are going to be in five years … it’s going to be a wild ride!

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