Spoke to Keller Williams Realty’s top leaders in Austin, Texas!

I was just in Austin, Texas giving a motivational speech to more than 400 of Keller Williams Realty’s top leaders – including CEO Mark Willis – at their MAPS Coaching conference at their headquarters Wednesday night.

Diana Kokoszka, a great friend who I met through the John C. Maxwell seminars, runs the MAPS Coaching program for Keller Williams and she’s also a tremendous entrepreneur, realtor, author (21 books and counting), speaker and real estate industry’s reigning “Queen of Systems and Scripts.”

She lined up the speaking engagement through my assistant Missy Stipetich and I didn’t even really know it! When I saw Diana at the airport I knew it was going to be a blast … and it was!

I’ve always been impressed by Keller Williams’ coaching system and they’ve been good at it for 30 years, Diana has been a big part of that too.

Diana was very specific about what she wanted me to talk about. She wanted an outside person to deliver a message about their techniques so her people could see how somebody else does things compared to Keller Williams.

So they’ve flown me out there to talk to some of their top people – trainers, recruiters, leaders — from all over the country and I’m excited to do it.

In all businesses or organizations you need new heroes and success stories to come along. If you never change and don’t reinvent yourself, then you have a dead organization. When you continue to grow, you have new, living tissue and that’s when you develop new stars and also rejuvenate your old stars too.

Recruiting is important in any business – no matter how established it is. Apple isn’t waiting for somebody else to develop the next iPod or iPad, that’d be crazy. Apple is finding new, young talent that can come up with the next great idea. If you rest on your laurels, you will fall hard and probably fast! It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. You’ve got to grow.

Seeing the crowd react to my message got me fired up and I saw people’s eyes opening up. I was rejuvenated by that and it was just a great experience.

It’s a must to find ways to expand, become stronger and improve your brand. That means finding new, talented people.

Keller Williams is a big deal in real estate and it was a big deal for me to be asked to speak to that audience.

I’m very selective on what groups I speak to in general. It has to be worth my time because it means that I am taking time away from my people and our company to do so. I’ll probably speak in the future for certain people, but not at the risk of my people being deprived of my full attention.

I love what I do and the people I do it with, so my time is very valuable to me. People that believe in internal growth and organic growth that want to reward me for my time can probably convince me to speak to them. That’s kind of my crest area for any future engagements.

Keller Williams presented that opportunity and it was worth it. It was a great experience.

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