Start With Baby Steps

The first thing I would do if I personally hired you, would be to look at you and say, “Hey man, now that you’ve downloaded your software, go ahead and run a quote on yourself, then run a quote on your wife or your spouse, and run it on your kids.”  You should have them do it with different products. 

For example, if I am starting a person off with Mutual of Omaha, and they’ve downloaded the software, I have them now run one on their mother, and then run one on their granddad.  What happens is, our new agents start running those quotes, and they will say, “Oh my gosh, this software won’t let you do an 82-year old!”  They will start to learn the limits of the software, while they are running quotes. 

Also, they will see the prices, and they will see how you can add on the riders, take off the riders, etc.  The person starts to learn, and because they are practicing — doing the quotes on themselves – they are more interested in what they are doing. 

Now I will say, “Ok, print off those quotes,” and then I get with the agent and say, “Well, let’s fill out an application on you, just so we can learn the process.”  We get all the way through it.  We do the whole thing.  The only thing left is for them to sign it, and write a check, and they have bought (and sold) a policy.  I got them right to the edge of the cliff on doing the right thing for their family, the right thing for themselves, and the right thing for their business. 

If you are a recruiter, you are a salesperson, and you get a person that close, and you cannot close the deal, you cannot get them to buy their own policy, either on themselves or on their children or on their wife, I’d have to look at you and say, “Seriously, you need to get with your manager, get with your growing upline, and chat with them about pushing people over their edge to do the right thing.” 

Did you hear what I said?  Can you push people just over the edge to do the right thing for their family?  Yeah, that will help them do some more personal buying, and that will help keep a lot of our brand new agents with National Agents Alliance, and eventually make a six-figure income, win all-expense paid trips just because they took those tiny little baby steps, and you pushed them to do the right thing!

One thought on “Start With Baby Steps

  1. Terrie Holloway

    Awesome, food for thought….Very good idea that way they learn all of the products and covered their own family. You can’t sell what you don’t believe in and use/have yourself!!!!!

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