Starting with a Good Story

  So, you have been recruited by a manager that you don’t feel like is giving you the information? In other words, you feel like a seed that’s been planted in some non-fertile ground. You are a seed that is being kept out of the sunlight. You, as a new person, feel like you are not getting the information. 

Well, first of all, your story is starting out wonderfully. Meaning, you can now tell new people that you hire how rough it was when you were hired. How you used to walk uphill to school and then when you came back home, you had to walk uphill, too. You have a wonderful story that you can tell! So, you have a great start. See what I’m saying? 

Sometimes we almost sound like the opposite. We’re going like, oh no, this is bad. No! This is good, because it makes for a great story! 

 If you were hired by a wonderful person, then you must succeed immediately. However, perhaps you have been hired into an organization that has not trained you properly; maybe your manager was too busy. Maybe you were hired by me, and you feel like I’m not telling you everything. Or, maybe your manager was sick and kind of out of commission when you got hired. For whatever reason, maybe you got a bad manager, it happens. Maybe you’ll eventually quit. I’m not trying to be funny, I just don’t know what your situation is. But you’ve got a good story because it started out tough. 

What do you do now? Well, here’s what you do. You find out as much information as you can. You be bold. You get no points, you get no bonuses, you get no extra credit for being shy or for being a scaredy-cat. You should come to the head office and ask questions. You knock on the door, ask to get in. You should ask to sit down with me. You ask to sit down with the vice president. You ask for the information, okay? 

At the same time, you sell a lot. The more you sell, the more people will pay attention to you at the home office. You plug into the conventions. You bring a tape recorder. You bring a camera. You sit in the front row. You ask questions. You be bold.

You go to my blog,, which you are at, obviously. You sign up, so that you get immediate information. You go to NAA Hot Spots. You go to those meetings, and you ask a million questions. You go to the web site. You read everything on the web site. You watch the videos. You go to my YouTube and you watch the videos. You learn my wife’s name, my children’s names. You learn Alex Fitzgerald’s wife’s name, Heather’s name. You learn everything you possibility can every minute of the day. 

By the way, this is the way you succeed at anything. Even if the manager tells you everything, even if he’s your coach and he’s the most wonderful person alive, you still get the information for yourself as direct and as close to the origination of the source as you possibly can. That keeps it pure, so that he doesn’t slightly tilt it, or slightly adjust it, or, his interpretation of it. 

So, now when you apply this and make some money, you will still have a good story of overcoming! 


8 thoughts on “Starting with a Good Story

  1. Mark Cote

    I think this is a great post for every new agent! I have been lucky with my start here at NAA. I think Shawn Meaike has done an awesome job getting the info out there, doing the boot camps and the calls but I have been in situations before just like how you describe. I have had awful…I mean awful managers (back in the mortgage industry) that just look at new people as their meal ticket and didn’t know or care that the new people felt lost. The point is that you have to man up, learn and engage yourself in every aspect so that you can succeed and just kill it! This is what I am doing (its day 2) so that soon I can be at the top of the leader boards and so that I can recruit and train new agents. I think that this blog post should be emailed to all new people the day they first hear about the opportunity! Thanks!

  2. Alex "Fitz" Fitzgerald

    Andy, you told me at least 15 years ago to make excuses or make money. Making excuses means that you let life happen to you and making money means that you make life happen. Force the issue. It’s your life, right? Don’t sit passively hoping that good things happen. I’ve never read of greatness that started out, “Well, I was just sitting around doing nothing… and then BAM. I became a huge success.”

    Life, and NAA, rewards the bold.

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