Stay in the Trenches!! (part 2)

The key here is: the upline person wanted me to TEACH them how to MAKE someone else do something! You see, the question they asked me was wrong. If I had even attempted to answer the wrong question, we would be condemned to failure! The question they should have asked is: “How do I get this organization moving?” Now the answer to THAT question, I can give! The answer is: Find a winner worth your time, and YOU go help them get 12 wide ASAP, and then you pick the best of those twelve people and YOU again help THAT person get wide! 

You can’t MAKE anyone do anything, but you can help a winner win! 

YOU do the calls to friends, and YOU do the interviews!! YOU then help the NEWEST, deepest person get started. You teach, not on a conference call, but in person. The LEADER leads and YOU are one. Now go get you some people to lead!!


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