Back from Steamboat Springs, Colorado and it was a blast!

Dog Sledding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

For Valentine’s Day I decided to take Jane to Steamboat Springs again. As I’ve been known to do, I wanted to come up with a strategy that would allow us to take our friends too.

Luckily, we came up with a plan and it worked!

It turns out some of my friends have a lot of money. I want to say thank you to them first.

My friends at CFG, ING with Butch Britton and his buddies, American Equity and a special honorable mention to RBC, who we had a great relationship with for several years, however their owners decided to sell them, but they still contributed to this trip. Thank you so much.

It was so much fun getting to know the president and senior vice presidents of these companies as they joined our top 40 couples that qualified for this event. We had about 100 of our friends join us at this four-star Sheraton Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs and we proceeded to have a blast.

Each night, we got to enjoy great company at dinner with folks like Denny Southern (American Equity), Todd Swenson (CFG), Butch and Barbara Britton (ING), Al and Teresa Lurty (ING), Marty Manning (ING) and Tim and Gaye Goad (guest speakers).

The first night, we took the gondola lift up to Hazies, which is a fabulous restaurant with unbelievable service, accommodations, views, food, etc. We laughed until it hurt, we cried from laughing and we kept eating the whole time.

One thing about National Agents Alliance you will find out is that we demand the best and we enjoy the best. It’s a pretty simple formula. We work our tails off, but we also have incredible, non-repeatable, just bizarre, amazing times together in these fabulous locations like Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

One day we went to this Saddleback Ranch and we rented all their snowmobiles, horses and inner tubes. We had a bus take us up there and we just rotated around doing each of the activities we had planned. It was a blast. Our record was 18 inner tubes held together by hands, feet wrapped around each other and you can see video of it on YouTube. One of our media guys, Matt Taflan, got great video of it and some of the people on the trip shot footage as well because we all got HD Flip Cams as a gift one night. We were flying down this mountain, it seemed like we were going 100 miles an hour.

Another highlight had to be watching all our people get to enjoy the beautiful views while dog sledding with a team of dogs that couldn’t wait to get going. Jane and I loved every second of it and I think everybody who got to experience it did too. It’s one of those moments in life that you sit back and just take it all in. It was amazing.

We enjoyed six feet of snow and temperatures that seemed like it was 65 degrees even though it was 10 below because there was such beautiful sunshine and no wind to speak of. It was like the weather had been ordered for us. We had powdered snow to play in and a lot of us skied and snowboarded. It was just an absolute incredible time of association and socializing. Tim and Gaye Goad joined us and had dinner with different people every night. We also made a lot of phone calls late at night calling people telling them they probably want to be with us and aggravating them to be there on the next trip. If you didn’t get a phone call it’s probably better that you didn’t because we would have tormented you with our laughter because we were having so much fun. It would have just made you mad. Maybe next time we will call you, or better yet why not be on the trip with us.

So, we had a big list of names on the list that attended, but I wish there were even more names on it. Regardless, I want you to work hard so you can be with us on the next great trip we take.  

Thanks to everybody on the trip and thanks to all great people out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

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