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Hey man ... Taste this! Why give away a taste for free? Why do drug dealers give away VERY EXPENSIVE drugs for free? Why do car dealers let you drive a brand new $50,000 car for free & no obligation! Why do ice cream shops let you have a taste...

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Hey man … Taste this!

Why give away a taste for free?

Why do drug dealers give away VERY EXPENSIVE drugs for free?

Why do car dealers let you drive a brand new $50,000 car for free & no obligation!

Why do ice cream shops let you have a taste of 3 different flavors for free?

They understand the value of a new RAVING FAN!

They all believe in their product!

They are very CONFIDENT about their product!

Nothing conveys confidence like a business owner who is so fired up and so proud of his product that he is willing to let someone try just a little for free!

Our top builders in The Alliance know this and demonstrate this philosophy!

They always have a supply of the GREEN BOOKS & The EIGHT STEPS TO SUCCESS books in their office ready to give to new recruits. They have tons of FREE product brochures to hand to new agents at opportunity meetings to lend credibility to our program and to share information on who our partners are. They always have NEW AGENT PACKAGES ready to give to new prospects at meetings. One of the most popular items to hand out is favorite CDs!! They love to emphasize the importance of the speaker on the CD and encourage the new prospect to listen to the CD on the way home. These top builders know that this small investment – just a few dollars invested can be THE DIFFERENCE maker in getting this new guy rolling.

Right after I explained this is Los Angeles in March, Paul Epstein, one of our top managers, could not wait to tell me his story!

Epstein explained to me how he overnighted our NEW AGENT PACKAGE to a new recruit 1,000-plus miles away in N.Y. just three weeks ago. He also included a copy of THE GREEN BOOK and a short note highly recommending that he read the book. The new agent recognized Paul’s commitment to him and therefore the new agent committed to Paul. Last week, the new agent Hal Ware sent in $4,000++ and SIX applications in production. If Paul just had a 10% spread on this guy, Paul’s override is $400!!! This is just one week!

As this relationship grows and this new agent continues to make money himself, he will continue to send in more business. This new agent will no doubt copy what Paul has done and recruit more agents in the same way Paul did. As his group grows, Paul will continue to override Bob’s entire group! Let’s say this agent goes on to become an Agency Manager and is issue paying $100,000 of premium. If Paul just has a five percent spread, then he is making $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year because he was willing to let this new agent … have a Taste of THE ALLANCE for free!

I would love to add your story of “giving away part of The Alliance for free!” Put your story of free and success in the comments section below. We will all read about it! Doesn’t cost a dime to share with us!


You can find the NEW AGENT PACKAGE at www.SHOPatNAA.com/newagentpkg

The GREEN BOOK –  MILLIONAIRE MAKER MANNUAL can be found at http://www.shopatnaa.com/millionaire-maker-manual-by-andy-albright-p-13889.html

THE ALLIANCE news letters can be purchased at http://www.shopatnaa.com/naa-newsletter-andy-bundle-100-p-453.html

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  1. James Hill
    James Hill
    April 13, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    After meeting with every new potential agent we ALWAYS give them a new agent packet that includes two CD’s (a success story, usually an Alex and Heather Fitzgerald CD, and and an Andy Albright Attitude CD) and tell them to listen to it.

    First thing I want to know is if they are going to follow instructions and DO it! Tells me a LOT about that potential new agent.

    The next time we see them we give them a BOOK.

    The last time we gave an 8 Steps book to a guy named Jim and since then he has passed his test and added 5 new people into licensing from the info he learned in it. HE then bought the Tax Free Retirement Book AND registered for convention so we gave him our LAST copy of the Green Book. It’s a vicious cycle of GIVING and SERVING!

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