The African Adventure of a lifetime

My family and I returned from Africa on August 4 and I wanted to share some of our experiences with you. Our dear friend JL Williams has compiled a series of journals from our trip with pictures and videos that paint a great picture of our mission/safari adventure.

Please check out JL’s journals to get a better idea of all the places and people we met during the two-week trip.

You can find all of JL’s journal entries HERE

I am grateful for the entire experience and look forward to going back again in the future. We were able to help provide many people with goats purchased by The Alliance (Thanks to those who donated!) and chickens to support their villages. There is no doubt our lives were changed by the people we spent time with in Africa.Albrights-Africa

Beyond interacting with the people, we met aspiring entrepreneurs that are partnering with JL’s mission in Africa. We were able to go on two African safaris, did some insane activities like an elephant ride, lion walk and some extreme hire wire jumps like the gorge swing and the flying fox. We spent time in the largest slum on the African continent, helped feed local children and attended church service with our new friends. The trip was so jam-packed, I don’t even want to get started. I’ll share more about our experience soon, but until then check out JL’s journals. I want to say thanks again to JL and his wife, Patt.

We were truly blessed to go on this trip, and we are even more thankful now for the life we enjoy because we live in America.

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