The Albright Challenge Launched

The Albright Challenge

The Albright Challenge was officially released to the public today during the National Agents Alliance’s “Key To Tomorrow” Leadership Conference at the Raleigh Convention Center.

The man behind the 90-day leadership and coaching program is Andy Albright, the president and chief executive officer of National Agents Alliance, who has quickly gained exposure as a mentor and leadership coach with organizations such as Keller Williams. Albright also mentors and teaches students involved with the North Carolina State University Entrepreneurship Initiative annually.

The Albright Challenge is a daily program designed to teach … to read more>>>click here

One thought on “The Albright Challenge Launched

  1. Brittany Thompson

    Fired Up!!! I started the trial version of this challenge this past Monday, and I must say that the daily mentorship has been powerful thus far. It keeps me on track and focused, and the action steps keeps me accountable in my personal and business life. Will definitely be signing up for the program this week. I encourage anyone that desires that extra dose of mentorship in your life to get on board with this. No way to fail!!!

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