The Alliance Checks Out a New Jet

After my show, The Wednesday Call, ended last week, I took several of our agents to the Burlington airport to check out a private jet that was in town for a couple hours.

The man who owns the jet is very successful in a couple of different business ventures, is roughly the same age as I am and he doesn’t just own one jet. He owns four!

So as I’m walking around this jet and looking at it, I’m thinking to myself, “why don’t I have my own jet if this guy has four?”

I get on the jet and sit in a nice comfy leather seat, lean back and close my eyes. I’ve seen the jet, touched and felt the jet and now I’m thinking about getting my own jet!

This makes me start thinking about what it’s going to be like when I own that first jet and how I’ll fly wherever I want without going through lines and getting around faster than I do when I fly commercial.

As I’m looking around and checking out the seats, some of the people with me from The Alliance are taking pictures and talking about how cool the jet is. They start dreaming about how cool it would be to own a jet and we are all dreaming big and associating just by being at the airport checking this jet out.

When you get around the right people, start dreaming big and even find ways to physically see or touch something that is a goal of yours, then you are actually closer to reaching that goal than you realize. Before you know it, you are talking about it and even working or taking steps to achieve it.

That’s big stuff right there! Take a minute to watch this short video of us checking the jet … I’m going to buy one like it one day soon! We can have jets too. I can have a jet, you can have a jet … because if he’s got one then we can work to get one too. It’s about having the right belief in your mind that you can do anything you want if you are willing to do what other are not to get it.

Get ready to come fly with me and The Alliance!

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