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In late January of 2019, I am releasing my fourth book titled, “The Alliance House of Values and Behaviors. In it, I outline what each of The Alliance’s eight core values means and how they pertain to what our company does together and for our clients all over the United...

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In late January of 2019, I am releasing my fourth book titled, “The Alliance House of Values and Behaviors. In it, I outline what each of The Alliance’s eight core values means and how they pertain to what our company does together and for our clients all over the United States.

Our first core value or pillar that holds up the House of The Alliance is excellence. In order to demonstrate excellence within The Alliance, one must accept the following formula: Pride + Winning Spirit + Contribution. We measure pride by showing up; winning spirit by waking up with something to prove; and contribution by honoring commitment.

Excellence starts with the first step. It starts with the first thing you do each day when you wake up. It continues when you build upon one “well-done” moment and keep finding ways to strive for excellence. When you keep doing things that are rewarding, you start recognizing cues, which remind you that it is time to take action and then it gets reinforced with a reward that makes want to do it again and more often. If you can figure out what actions lead to positive rewards, then you will start to crave those activities and you will jump at the chance to do those kinds of things. There is great power in positive habits. There’s also great reward too. People who are considered excellent at what they do are masters at doing the mundane. They are not great at 27 things, but they are solid as everything at doing maybe two things. And they do it early and often … consistently.

For each value, I’ve selected a person that I felt like best illustrated the definition of each of our values. Over the next eight weeks, I’m going to share some of the copy from the new book, which will come out in late January for most, but will be available at our National Convention in Burlington, N.C. on Jan. 24, 2019.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this series of blogs, and my goal is that sharing a little bit of each chapter will increase the anticipation of my latest book. If you like what you read below, don’t forget to comment, like and share it with others. I love hearing from you!

This is from the new book:

John Wooden pursued excellence not national championships.

Being outstanding means standing out. Being excellent comes with a price.

Wooden never talked about winning. He was more concerned about being the best possible version of you.

Wooden said, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”

Today is the only important day of your life. Yesterday is gone, it will never change. Tomorrow can only be affected by what you do in preparation today, and failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

If you are not excellent today, your goal should be moving toward the goal of being considered excellent. That happens by getting up each day and getting to work. Many people think consistency is boring. However, that very repetition is what helps move you toward excellence. If you can make what you do fun, then it will be easier for you to create winning habits that guide you to excellence.

Make each day your masterpiece. That’s how Coach Wooden believed you should live. He said it over and over to his players and coaches. Make each day your masterpiece.

Take a minute and ask yourself, how can I make each day my masterpiece?

Do you live each day thinking about how you can get the most out of the 24 hours you were granted? Do you end each day thinking you did the very best you could with the time you had? Coach Wooden believed that success was about doing your best in all that you set out to do in a given day. That’s what he believed was necessary to be considered excellent.

POSTSCRIPT: That’s what I wrote to help illustrate Excellence in my new book. There’s a lot more to help explain what it means to be excellent in the book. I hope that many of you will consider picking up a copy of The Alliance House of Values & Behaviors. I believe it is a book that will launch us off to an amazing start in 2019. We’ve spent months putting together the book, and I’m proud of the final product which will hit stores at the end of January.

There were numerous people I could have picked to help me define excellence, but Coach Wooden was a legend and achieved records that will likely never be equaled. I hope that you will think about Coach Wooden when you start defining your goals on a regular basis.

Do you start with the basics like making sure your shoes are on your feet and laced up correctly? Many people ignore something so simple and try to start by working on a behind-the-back pass instead of the basics. Big mistake. Keep things simple and broken down so that you set yourself up to win. You don’t win any game before you step on the court or field, but you can certainly lose before the game starts if you are not ready to play when the game starts.

Remember the four key components of Excellence: Be Deliberate, Set the Bar High, Be Proactive and Invest In Your Capacity.

Those are the four behaviors I go into more detail about in the new book, which I co-authored with Jeff Bright. When you combine pride (showing up), winning spirit (something to prove) and contribution (honoring commitment) then you have a great shot at excellence. Some of the other factors that lead to excellence are: drive, discipline, enthusiasm, ambition, confidence and perspective. Excellence is when becoming indispensable (distinction) meets extreme focus (assurance of superior quality). Excellent-minded people get up every day with massive curiosity and an overwhelming sense of confidence to tackle the day in front of them.

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