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I am releasing my fourth book titled, “The Alliance House of Values and Behaviors in late January. In it, I outline what each of The Alliance’s eight core values means and how they pertain to what our company does together and for our clients all over the United States. Previously,...

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I am releasing my fourth book titled, “The Alliance House of Values and Behaviors in late January. In it, I outline what each of The Alliance’s eight core values means and how they pertain to what our company does together and for our clients all over the United States. Previously, I’ve covered Excellence, Service, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Compassion and Community. This week, I’m going to write about Gratitude.

For each of our eight values, I’m picking a person in history that I believe best represents each value that The Alliance believes in strongly. This week’s person is going to surprise you. I’m picking YOU!

The following is from my new book I co-wrote with Jeff Bright:

The Merriam Webster definition of Gratitude is the state of being grateful: thankfulness.

I love all of our 8 core values, but my absolute favorite is gratitude. With our previous core values, we selected a historical person to help illustrate the virtues and traits that defined that specific value. For gratitude, I decided to make YOU the person that will personify gratitude from this point on.

Maybe you are thinking that’s not possible, but it most certainly is if you decide to show gratitude in all that you do. I’m even going to help you take the first step to make that happen.

Get a sheet of paper out and find a pen … right now!!! Ask yourself the following two simple questions: What am I grateful for? Why is my heart filled with gratitude?

I want you to spend the next 5-10 minutes putting your thoughts on gratitude down on paper. Keep this paper handy in the coming days so that you can review it daily. Use it as a starting point to help you find ways to express to other people why you are the epitome of what it means to exercise gratitude in your life.

There’s a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that reads, “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

I love that quote because it tells you exactly how you should spend your days and your time with people. There’s so many ways you can show gratitude. When is the last time you wrote a thank you note? Have you called a person you haven’t spoken to in a while to tell them how they made a difference in your life or that you appreciate them? Just telling one person thanks for something daily will change your life. I encourage you to find ways to show gratitude to others.

Gratitude is an emotion that is closely associated with appreciation in most people’s minds. People who operate with a high level of gratitude typically feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. When your head and your heart are in the right place, gratitude oozes out of you and people can see it. More importantly, people can feel it too! Gratitude is a powerful emotion that should not be overlooked because of the important role it can play in how successful you are in life and business.

Some of the traits I associate with gratitude are things like praise, recognition, thankfulness, responsiveness, gracefulness, appreciativeness, handshakes, hugs and smiles. When you show another person the right amount of gratitude, it should make them smile and feel warm inside. Gratitude really is a form of love that makes the world a better place. It’s a way for you to acknowledge something another person has done for you. Maybe you don’t feel worthy of the gift or act bestowed upon you, but you must make every effort to show people you have gratitude in your heart.

Gratitude must be a selfless act. Gratitude must be acts that are done unconditionally to show people you appreciate them, and not because of what they can do for you in return. Gratitude is contagious, however, and the more you show it the more it will be returned to you over time. Even if you don’t believe that, it’s a powerful law that has been proven time and time again.

Gratitude is an exchange of positive emotion. When somebody performs an act of gratitude, the other person might be motivated to do something gracious for that person or for another person. It’s like a chain reaction, or as many would say a way to “pay it forward.” Gratitude can be shown to a complete stranger. It doesn’t have to be somebody you know. People who show positive gratitude most likely are high character individuals that are leaders as well.

I want you to be the person that people think about when they hear the word gratitude. If you are able to practice gratitude consistently, you will be happier. You will have more self-control and you will be more focused on what is most important to you. I honestly believe you will live an overall better life if you exercise gratitude daily.

If you show other people gratitude, the world will be a better place. Your environment will be healthier and happier. You will have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people in your life.

I hope you will take time each day to show gratitude because it is a huge component in how The Alliance follows through on the last part of our motto to “Make A Difference.” Find ways to show others gratitude and you won’t regret it.

Here’s the best thing about gratitude: it’s free to spread and share with the world! It doesn’t cost you a penny. Be grateful in all that you do and celebrate life. Be a cheerleader for a person you know that needs it, or that deserves praise for a job well done. Gratitude can be practiced anywhere and anytime. There’s no minimum or maximum when it comes to gratitude.

Practice gratitude!!! You might just be surprised by the benefits that doing so brings to your life.

POSTSCRIPT: Gratitude is where it’s at. If we all could show a little more gratitude then the world would be a better place. I hope that you have enjoyed reading a little of what we have coming out in the new book. I can’t wait for it to hit shelves and to hear feedback from people who read it.

That’s some of what I wrote to help illustrate Gratitude in my new book. There’s a lot more to help explain what it means to be a person who exemplifies gratitude in the book. I hope that many of you will consider picking up a copy of The Alliance House of Values & Behaviors. I believe this book will kick start an amazing start in 2019. We’ve spent months putting this book together, and I am so excited to share the final product with the world.

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    Terrel Blanks
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    Stephenia Graham
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    I can’t wait till national convention to pick up my copy!#thatsright!

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