The Antidote to Cure an Average Life

I want to tell you about one of the most exciting days of my life. I was sitting in a huge coliseum when I heard a man speaking on a stage say something that rocked my world. When he said it, it just hit me. Now, my life didn’t change...

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I want to tell you about one of the most exciting days of my life. I was sitting in a huge coliseum when I heard a man speaking on a stage say something that rocked my world. When he said it, it just hit me. Now, my life didn’t change at that very moment, but then again it did. It was so powerful that it messed me up.

At that moment, I knew that life was never going to be the same and I’ve been chasing bigger dreams ever since.

What did he say that triggered such a life-changing impact on me?

The man said his world changed when he figured out that he could change his destiny by acting on the things that he could control. Boom yow!

It sounds very simple and very easy. But, let’s be real. How many people strictly and diligently focus on the things that they can actually control? How many have the discipline to stick to the things they actually can control?

Take out a sheet of blank paper and draw a circle in the middle of it. I want you to write YOU in the middle of the circle. Next, start putting items in the circle that YOU can control.

What are some things that we control? Talents, skills, investments, core competencies, rules, time, sleep, travel, values, friends, etc. YOU get to decide what goes inside your circle!

From now on, I want you to focus solely on the things you’ve got inside your circle.

If you will worry about what’s inside your circle, if you will focus on that stuff, you are going to change where you are in the next five years. Make it your goal to work on the things you can control, and you can make millions of dollars and do what you want in this life. You can help change the world. This is great news.

If you can’t control it, then don’t worry about it! People are praying for something in America, they need something with real opportunity. When people think they have a prayer, they are going to keep fighting. When they keep fighting and get dialed in on the things that they can control, they take off like a rocket and soar to new heights in their lives.

If you don’t worry about what’s inside your circle and you let the outside stuff get you, then I can’t help you. Being the best requires repeating. Being a successful athlete, musician, etc. requires doing it over and over and over. You do it until it’s like waking up, taking a shower and brushing your teeth. Can you do it in your sleep? Are you willing to do the things that others don’t to become successful? Can you do it consistently? It’s not magic, it’s work. And, while it might be easy, it must not be or everybody would be doing it!

One way to get focused on what is inside your circle is by avoiding drama, rationalizing behavior that is not acceptable, thinking that other are thinking of you when they really are not and by playing the blame game to explain your problems. When you stay calm and focused on goals, do the right thing always and constantly think about your goals YOU will discover the ANTIDOTE! That’s when you find love, peace, joy and enthusiasm in everything you do. When you are responsible and in control you unlock your unlimited potential to be great.

Gary Zukavi wrote, “Positive emotions empower, negative emotions disempower.”

Happiness, Love, Excitement, Enthusiasm … those things make you feel more powerful and more confident. Anger, Hurt, Blame … those will make you feel weak, hostile and irritable. Those are not fun things to be around.

Take responsibility and tell yourself that I am responsible. That’s the antidote. When you start telling yourself that the time is now and there are no limits, that’s when you make things happen. When you let go of anger, blame and negativity, you will see the world differently. Those things only hurt you and remove your power. You cannot live in quiet desperation.

Success is a laborious, tedious and boring endeavor, but it leads to a life you have dreamt about. Being successful and being among the best at what you do requires repetition. Your actions and habits will define who you are, so it’s imperative that you focus on what is inside your circle. Start now! Let’s go get the job done!

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