The importance of producing a company newsletter

I’ve heard some companies say that having a newsletter sounds great, but that it takes too much time, effort and money to pull off with any level of success.

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I’ve heard some companies say that having a newsletter sounds great, but that it takes too much time, effort and money to pull off with any level of success.

I almost have to laugh at that notion, because I have seen the power and impact a publication like a company newsletter can have on the culture, the mindset and the direction of the people who use it correctly.

At National Agents Alliance, we produce a newsletter roughly every quarter. We started doing this not quite two years ago, and our product has continually improved with each issue in terms of content, quality and importance. Our newsletters are at least 12 pages, they are printed in full color and it is expensive to print and mail them all over the United States.

But, they are highly effective for our team! That’s why we do it! It’s a way to let our people know more about the company they are a part of.

In society today, we’ve basically got a 24/7 cycle of time and energy suckers all around us. We are bombarded with it through all types of media and marketing outlets.

You’ve got newspapers, internet marketing, television, social media … you name it screaming at us for our attention. You get on your computer to do some real work and that ends up being the last thing that you do! The next thing you know you are clicking on something telling you about who got shot, or you are watching a video of a three-headed rabbit that jumps like a kangaroo, reading about movie stars that get married and divorced all in the same weekend … just really wasting time on things that aren’t helping you, your family or your business.

Click on this … fill this form out … watch this … read this … it never ends! Tweets are flying out every second, status updates on Facebook and Google+ that are coming every hour on the hour and people sharing pictures on Pinterest.

You are wasting time that you can never get back.

It’s all this information overload that has nothing to do with the building of your business, your family and your financial well being.

At National Agents Alliance, we produce newsletters with all kinds of USEFUL information that is ACTIONABLE! Details, facts, comments, profiles of heroes, success stories, teaching, education, information that is 100 percent about you and your financial future – it’s covered in our newsletters. It’s about how you can make a difference in your family’s life! It’s about how you can have the finances you’ve dreamed of! It’s about being able to take the trips around the world that your spouse has always wanted to go on! It’s about how you can get your life back!

It’s pretty simple: we are willing to invest this amount of money because we think that once you get started in the right direction you will start to make the right choices about where you spend your time, where you focus your eyeballs, what you allow your ears to listen to and about doing all the right things to be successful – rotation meetings, National Agents Alliance web sites, digging deep into research and training, associating with the people who are already where you want to be in life!

That’s a big goal for our newsletters, but that’s really what we are trying to accomplish by producing a high-quality, highly-informative resource for our team.

Does it take time, effort and money to pull that off? Absolutely … and it’s worth every penny to do it!


  1. Brad Blosser
    Brad Blosser
    July 30, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    So true so true, just today as I was walking in from the patio listening to the Fitz “builder call”, the news came across the tv screen about the man who killed those innocent people in the Colorado movie theater. I was struck for the second time how much he looks like he’s possessed and how angry something so senseless makes me. I found myself sitting on my mom’s couch for 10 minutes getting angrier and angrier. I had to pull myself away and come read some wisdom and spiritually uplifting words from Psalms 90 and from “Zig Ziglar on Selling”

  2. Justin Karsnitz
    Justin Karsnitz
    July 31, 2012 at 12:35 am

    I love the newsletters that get sent out. I always go get a bunch of copies to hand out to new people. They are filled with great stories and information about our top people. I end up giving them away faster then I can get them in!

  3. Hugh A Turner
    Hugh A Turner
    July 31, 2012 at 3:07 am

    I especially like the fact that the newsletter always features awesome producers and builders , which I can therefore use to introduce and edify them to new people.

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