The Midwest Swing … Part II

Last week, I shared a series of vlogs with you about my trip to Cleveland and Chicago – the first part of my “Midwest Swing.”

I got back very early Friday morning and I spent the weekend hanging out with my wife Jane and our children – Haleigh and Spencer. We just spent a lot of good, quality time together and I got my batteries recharged and I’m ready to go again this week.

I’m about to head back to the airport. Where am I going this time?

Today I’m off to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for some meetings. Tuesday, I’ll host a training and rotational meeting and I’m going to stream my show, The Wednesday Call … live from Des Moines!

It’s going to be another busy week and I’m fired up about it.

Hey, I told you to check my blog over the weekend for one more video from last week. I didn’t get it up this weekend, but I’m going to share that video with you now. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave comments. Tell me what you think!

Until next time …


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4 thoughts on “The Midwest Swing … Part II

  1. Odie Anderson

    Hey Andy that Alliance Vision video should be made into a commercial. I really expressed what drives you and this great company we are all a part of. I wish I could put this one on my recruiting site. It is amazing. Thanks again for sharing your heart, Bo!

  2. Patrick Hale

    It was too cool being just inches away from Andy. I could feel the energy coming off of him and penetrating how I think. It’s sooo important to get around this man that words don’t do it justice. Thankks Andy & Jane for everything!!!

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