The Power of Association

Many of you reading this attended our National Convention in Raleigh on Jan. 23-25. I want to congratulate you on planning and making the effort it took for you to be there to “associate” with The Alliance.

Association is one of the key ingredients to you being successful in 2015, and you took the first step by being “In The Hunt” at NatCon. When you hang around people that have the same dreams or goals as you do, you are only going to raise the bar higher as you continue to improve and learn from others.

If you were not at NatCon, don’t worry. You have a chance to find the nearest HotSpot to you every single week to start associating. Beyond that, I’ll be training several times around the country before we hold our Leadership Conference in July.

Getting around winners is a process, and the more you do it the bigger your dreams will become. Success breeds success, and you can learn that quickly through association. When you place yourself in that environment, in an area that is conducive to what you believe, you will find yourself on the track to being successful.

I want to share a few ways you can change your perception of the world. Perception is everything even if it not exactly reality.

Your alignment determines you assignment. Everybody has a purpose in life, but not everybody truly knows why they are here. When you find your “WHY,” the rest of the “stuff” doesn’t get in the way.

Your position determines your possession. If you are around the wrong people, you will have struggles that you shouldn’t. You have to work to get around the right people and you have to work to get away from the bad influences. It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong crowd.

Who you see determines who sees you. If you take the average income of the five people closest to you then you can almost certainly know how much money you make annually. If you show me your five best friends, then I can also tell you a whole lot about you without really knowing you that well. You can’t please everybody in this life, and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be. Trying to be everything to everybody will certainly lead to failure. When you make the effort to get around successful people, you are rewarded by what you learn, what you experience and what you do.

Perception influences acceleration. Real change starts in your head, and it starts with you talking to yourself in the right way. You can’t get to the top by being afraid and listening to the “chicken littles” of the world. Frightened people aren’t able to see the world because they are afraid to leave the house.

Your network determines your net worth. This is true financially, spiritually and personally. When you place yourself around greatness then you will be great too. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t happen until you start doing. Taking action now gets you there faster.

Your “WHY” is what will take you through all the junk and into what you desire. The power of your “WHY” is what helps you be successful. Through association, connections and company you keep, you will form the base of who you are and the level of success you want in life.

The late artist Pablo Picasso said, “Success is determined by feel, which comes from the environment.” You can control your environment. You can also change it when you see that something isn’t right and change is needed.

Success cannot be bought. Success is merely rented, and the rent is due daily. One way to make sure you pay the rent on time is by associating with the right people that can help you be successful every single day. I believe you can have everything you want if you are willing to work hard and spend time around the right people learning the right things. You can do it, now get after it!

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