The power of ‘Who Luck’ Lucky and blessed is no accident,Lucky.mp3   People don’t know things, but they want to know. I remember when I found out about some things I didn’t know about previously I was fired up about it. I was thinking, “Why didn’t somebody tell me that sooner?” Why didn’t I know sooner? Why didn’t my momma...

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People don’t know things, but they want to know.

I remember when I found out about some things I didn’t know about previously I was fired up about it. I was thinking, “Why didn’t somebody tell me that sooner?”

Why didn’t I know sooner? Why didn’t my momma tell me?

The power of ‘Who Luck’ Lucky and blessed is no accident

How do you know what’s true? Does something make sense or sit well with you down in your belly? Do you ever hear something really dumb like, “I don’t think we are here on Earth for any reason?” Do you hear something like that and think that doesn’t sit well with me, it doesn’t get me fired up and it certainly doesn’t get my mind going in the right direction? You hear it and it is depressing.

I remember somebody telling me that all you had to do was think it, believe it and it will just happen. I remember thinking, “that sounds awesome, but it doesn’t sit well with me.” I was sitting there thinking I don’t think this person is right about that. In fact, I thought they were wrong because I know that somebody has to DO something for something to happen. It doesn’t magically happen! We talk about the “Do.” We talk about going out and selling. We talk about recruiting people. We talk about building a team. It takes phone calls, talking to people, shaking hands and making the effort to find good people. The “DO” is the biggest thing to help you become successful.

I’ve had more people call, email or tell me they are “doing the do” than ever before. People are starting to realize that the timing is never going to be perfect, so they don’t wait to “do.” They go ahead and “do” now!

Successful people don’t wait for things to be perfect to do because they know it won’t happen. They continue “doing” even when things are chaotic or a train wreck is going on. They don’t worry about all the noise. They focus, think and do. I think I’ve become pretty good at doing even when it is not convenient.

Let me tell you something, luck has got to play a part in there somewhere. Maybe you don’t call it luck. Maybe you call it being blessed. I want to be one of the lucky or blessed people. To be clear, that doesn’t mean you sit back and wait. It won’t happen by doing nothing. You have to work and be lucky and blessed.

Whatever you call it, I’m going to tell you that it doesn’t just happen. It takes effort, action, help from others, etc. I understand that it is not all skill, but it is also not just luck. When you see a crazy play at the end of the football game that swings the game into one team’s favor, you hear phrases like a miraculous play, a gift from God, etc. That’s fine. You have to remember all the work it took the player to even be on the field in the game before that! Lifting weights, working out, practicing, dieting, etc. It wasn’t just a fluke. It wasn’t the first time the play had been tried. There was a series of things that happened in order for the “luck” to happen.

Have you ever heard of “Who Luck?” I’m talking about who is on your team. Who do you feel lucky to be working with? Who are you blessed to know? That’s the “Who Luck” I’m talking about. Who is going to travel the world with you?

Now, there will be some on your team that you question what you were thinking when you hired them. That’s OK. You just keep working and looking for positive people and influences in your little world. My “why” is about changing people’s lives for the better. I can’t stop to worry about every little distraction. I have to keep moving and doing.

I believe the size of your why determines the size of the response. How excited you are determines how excited others get. What you are trying to accomplish makes a difference to who you are trying to inspire. Big dreams, big goals inspire men.

Little league-sized goals don’t inspire people to do great things. You have to dream bigger and bigger all the time. Most hunters don’t set out to kill a squirrel. They want a deer or a bear!

Movements don’t start with masses. Movements start with one person. Here’s how you get a ton of people to move and go and do: when multiple leaders bring in masses of people that follow what they are doing. It is about you going and also bringing others with you. I want you to be a river not a pond. It’s not just about YOU!!! Who can you bring with you? How many people can you bring? Movements change based on one person. When one starts it, then it can lead to masses. Are you the one that will create a mass? Movements also change the way people think and believe. It then can change the way they live.

First you change the way you think, which is a movement. Then, I changed the way I believed. When you can change the way you think and believe, you can change the way you live.

Passion ignites a spark and a fire in people. It helps them do more, believe more and achieve more. I am seeking transformational leaders. I’m looking for people who can transform other people. If you are a person that says, I can’t get people to move then you are not the person I’m looking for. People who can get people to move. It’s about helping people change the way they think, believe and live.

Think. Speak. Act. Those three things will deliver action. If you can get people to do those three things, you will change their life. I want you to find people who are going to act and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Let’s change all our lives by changing the way we think, believe and live. Let’s change our lives by changing the way we think, speak and act.

When you go on a journey or a trip, you don’t want to go alone. It is more fun when you bring a team with you. It means more when your people are with you to enjoy the ride. Bring people with you. That’s the game plan!

Get you some “Who Luck!” Go find them!

  1. Adam
    April 11, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Thanks for always pouring into us Andy! I am lucky and blessed to be a part of your team.

    I can’t wait to see you at the bootcamp in Dallas on Wednesday!

  2. Vicky Ferkel
    Vicky Ferkel
    April 11, 2016 at 9:13 am


    You seem to be a very positive person and I believe being positive is a big place in your dreams. I’ve heard this from you before and I truly believe if you sincerely believe in what you are doing and it’s the right thing you will definitely be blessed. Thanks Andy.

  3. Adam K
    Adam K
    April 11, 2016 at 11:24 am

    It is my “Who Luck” to have you and your leadership team in our lives.

  4. Russell Armstrong
    Russell Armstrong
    April 12, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Your insight and ability to communicate never cease to amaze me Andy. I love this missive because it talks about “WHO luck and DO luck”.
    Two things I’ve learned in life is that the quality of my life is a reflection of “WHO” I’m hanging around with and the harder I “DO”, the luckier I am.
    Thank you for The Alliance Andy and thank you for giving us all a place where we can become whatever we want to be.

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