The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing


We all face obstacles or what I like to call challenges. Hey, that’s what life is: a series of challenges. It happens every day. When you are facing something or you have a problem you are dealing with, you can do three simple things to help find a solution.

Maybe you want something. Maybe you are about to lose something. Either way, there are three things you must do. This is simple and it will change your life.

 The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

Those three things will make all the difference in the world. When you’re in a situation, you’ve got a project you need to accomplish, when you are upside down and somebody’s on you, when you are facing insurmountable odds, those three things are what you need to always think about.

Whatever it is, you use those three things and it will help tremendously. This is big and life changing even though it sounds simple.

That’s how I think and that’s how I operate. I check my thinking by asking people. I find something in a book that applies to what I’m dealing with and trying to accomplish. I figure out what action or move can I do right now that will help me in that moment.

 The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

Please notice that I don’t focus on what I can’t do. That kills momentum. You can’t think like that.

Every second counts. Not every minute, but every split second. You don’t have time to think about what you CAN’T do. It’s what CAN I do.

Can you go to your calendar and see what you have going on? Can you open up a book and read a little? Can you use prayer to help? Can you do ANY of that?

Ask yourself this: Who has done what you are trying to get done before you that you can call and get advice from? Do you know somebody who knows that person? Do you know a person who has seen it happen before? Can you call them? What can you do? Do you know a smart person who has dealt with a lot of stuff before that can help you?

What can you do? Let’s get on it.

I have never had a situation where reading a book didn’t help. It 100 percent helps to read things in books. There are answers in books. People call me all the time and they are very upset about different things. Life is tough sometimes and I understand that. We all have challenges we are dealing with. Our first move is to calm down and talk it out. One great way to help the situation is by using books to address the problem and work through it.

You are not in a thinking position. You are in an emergency position, a goal-setting program where you are trying to hit the mark. The best way to fix the problem is by thinking about what you can do, what book can you read and who can you call. That’s how you can get from the situation you are in to where you want to be.

 The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

Start using these three simple questions to help you move in the direction or position you desire.

5 thoughts on “The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

  1. Kellyn Bastos-Trapp

    Andy I love reading your blogs and listening to your inspiring words! It always seems that when I need it most, your words are right there to help me! Thanks for being such a great COACH to us all! God bless!

  2. John Daniel

    this is very helpful to me at this time. The wisdom in these word are obvious and I will take them to heart. going to call my up line manager now!

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