War Parties are under way!

I left my house this morning and met up with my team to host the first War Party of the week. I’ve got Alex Abuyuan, Bryan Mendenhall, and Darwin Hurme from Foresters with me. Our first stop is Boston. Next, we are heading to Philadelphia and then we wind up back in Burlington on Wednesday.

Here’s a quick video of our trip so far … look forward to seeing you at one of our War Parties.

Guys, it’s March already. It’s March Madness. I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about “getting your SHIP together” starting right now. It starts today. 2013 is going to be the year that NAA turns it up a notch.

2 thoughts on “War Parties are under way!

  1. Mike Callaham

    Portland was awesome, Stephen Davies is amazing. I just wrote down my WHY and now I feel I have a purpose in this.

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