WAR PARTIES: Whatever it takes

The Alliance just wrapped up the final War Party of 2012 at our corporate headquarters in Burlington, N.C. and we hosted hundreds of people from all over the country.

We had more than 700 people show up to three War Parties in three days this week, starting with Orlando, Fla. on Monday. We were in Atlanta, Ga. on Tuesday, and we closed things out in style last night at NAA’s campus.

These events were all about getting our top leaders in front of as many people as possible and in a timely manner. We put together events that allowed people to have access they normally wouldn’t have to as many of our leaders as possible.

Some people, like Mickey Crews, attended all three War Parties this week. After you read this, check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Why did Mickey do it?

He knows about the Alliance Advantage and how big it can be for him. He says he wanted to hear the knowledge he could gain from hearing people like Bill Lampe, Kyle Winebrenner, Paul Roberts, Kyle Keator, and Chris Hill.

Mickey made sacrifices to make it happen that he didn’t have to. He jumped in a car with others and they drove from Orlando to Atlanta. Then, they drove from Atlanta to Burlington. Then, they drove back to Florida. That’s the kind of commitment it takes to reach your goals. You do whatever it takes to make your dreams happen. You watch less TV. You work an extra hour. You make an extra phone call. You make another effort to talk to just one more person. It’s the little things that others are not willing to do, or they just won’t do!

People that attended our War Parties can tell you that they had life-changing conversations at these events. These are also the people that will start 2013 off with a bang because they got focused on what they can do as we get ready for 2013. I’ve heard so many people tell me they can’t wait to get back in the field and put what they learned at our events to use.

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