Wealth Creation and Wealth Transfer Seminar with Patrick Kelly coming to National Agents Alliance

Guys, I’m so pumped about our conference call we just had with Patrick Kelly that I had to take a few minutes during our Instant Thunder session to crank out another blog. Kelly writes in his book, Tax-Free Retirement that “every human being wants to know one thing: Will my...

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Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly

Guys, I’m so pumped about our conference call we just had with Patrick Kelly that I had to take a few minutes during our Instant Thunder session to crank out another blog.

Kelly writes in his book, Tax-Free Retirement that “every human being wants to know one thing: Will my life make a difference?”

Just think about that simple question. The crazy part is that prior to that question, Kelly writes 165 pages that give you the basis and the outline of how you can use the power of life insurance to not only multiply your wealth to where your family is taken care of, but you can reach a level that allows you to leave a lasting footprint on the world after you are long gone.

Kelly calls it “crossing the financial finish line.”

I’ve gotten to know Patrick Kelly a little bit in the last couple weeks and he’s going to come to National Agents Alliance headquarters at the end of March for what we are calling the “Wealth Creation and Wealth Transfer Seminar.”

Just thinking about his visit gets me fired up. It will be one of those landmark visits where people will talk about being there for it, and there will be other people that will wish they had been here. Some of my friends are coming and I wish all my friends were coming.

We’ve had some special guests at our office, and Patrick Kelly is at the top. We are going to be talking about the ideal way to transfer wealth in America today. We’re going to talk about the trillions of dollars that are out there just waiting to do something in the middle class American market.

Most of middle America is being left out of important conversations that can help transform the lives of millions … I said millions of people in our country. Nobody is sharing or taking the time to help middle class Americans understand this concept. Our job is to take that time, help them understand and equip that demographic to know what they have the opportunity to do now.

Our agents are out there and they know people all over that can be empowered with this knowledge that Patrick Kelly shares in Tax-Free Retirement. Our agents are going to know exactly the right thing to say to those people and they will say it at the perfect time.

We feel that this will be a major factor in helping National Agents Alliance surpass 10,000 applications per week because we believe this market is unlimited. There are so many people out there who don’t respond to leads. Even though we’ve got 10s of thousands of leads that we are calling, there are still people that just don’t respond. There’s family that don’t get leads, direct mail or even telemarketing. Our agents are going to teach them how to prepare for retirement and how they will transfer their wealth in the smartest way possible.

We certainly hope our agents will also create some wealth and that they will know how to transfer it too.

Kelly’s first book shows this and he’s working on his next book, which our people will have the chance to preorder soon. He’s already asked me to provide quotes and an endorsement once I get to look at it, so I’m excited about getting to know Patrick Kelly better and I can’t wait for this event.

It’s going to be a landmark event, and it’s going to be a chance for us to help Americans all across the country not only position themselves comfortably for retirement, but also to maneuver their wealth in a manner that will allow them to make a difference.

Think about it folks; it’s that important.

When it’s all said and done, will you be able to say that your life made a difference for others?

This seminar can help you do that!

  1. Jonathan Rogers
    Jonathan Rogers
    March 19, 2011 at 1:56 am

    Andy, as I reflect upon the last 3 1/2 years with NAA I must say it will have a lasting impact on my family legacy. All due to your leadership, John Kight, Fitz, my dear friend John Wilson, and the NAA staff who have poured into us teaching and mentoring us to be a better version of ourselves. As I read this entry what sticks out most is your passion and crusade for not only impacting the lives of those joining the NAA organization, but your crusade (NAA) for helping middle income America and constant pursuit of brInging the best of the best to teach us. Holly and I are extremely Blessed to be a part of NAA and I am so excited for the opportunity to come hear from you, top leaders of NAA, and Patrick Kelly so that we can duplicate what you all are doing to impact others.

  2. Paul Minichino
    Paul Minichino
    March 19, 2011 at 6:36 am

    Leaving a lasting impression is something that I look forward to doing. Just last night a high school friend of mine was talking about how she was starting a 401k at her job. Having the knowledge that I have acquired here at NAA I told her how a 401k was not the way to go. Then deeper deeper into the conversation after continuing to ask her questions she informed me that she had a few options her work would match. A roth ira being one of them. Thanks to the knowledge that I’ve gained at NAA I was able to point a good friend of mine in the right direction. Also during our conversation I learned that her parents just cashed out their 401ks. I told her to give them my number so we could talk. This is the lasting impression I want to make. Being able to actually help people with the little knowledge that I have. Thank you Andy for creating this atmosphere of continually helping others

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