What is your goal? YOU can get everything you want!

People want to feel special, important, recognized and have fun. When I was reading “Goals: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible” by Brian Tracy, I started thinking about my goals. What is my five year plan? What is your goal? One of my...

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People want to feel special, important, recognized and have fun.

When I was reading “Goals: How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible” by Brian Tracy, I started thinking about my goals.

What is my five year plan? What is your goal?

One of my goals is to reach 10,000 apps a week by April of 2019.

What you want to do five years from now determines what you do right now!!! What do I need to do right now? Are you calling people to talk about what needs to happen? This minute, this hour, today … immediately. Are you believing your five year goal?

Tracy says there are 12 things you need to do to make things come true. Where are you right now? Do you have people selling? Are you selling? Whatever you say it is, it is. Whatever you decide your goal is, that’s it. What do you want? You have to write down exactly what you want.

I was reading Tracy’s book on a flight back from our Midwest War Parties and I started writing down where The Alliance will be in five years. I started getting fired up. I ran some numbers to find out what it would take for us to submit 10,000 applications a week. What I discovered was that I needed to find 33 people that can find 10 people. Those 10 people need to be willing to find six people who can sell five applications per week. Wahoooooo!!! Easy peasy!!!

Anybody is welcome to be one of the 33 people I’m looking for. You can be one of those 33 if you decide to do it. It’s this simple: Can you find 10 people who can find six people who can write five policies a week? I am interviewing, looking, finding, identifying them!!!

How do you become one? You talk to people. You use 20/20 vision by finding people that are selling and recruiting like crazy. They are hiring every week and can’t get it off their mind. They are selling applications and finding people to help us recruit and sell with The Alliance.

If you are one of the 33 people, you will make at least a million dollars annually. On the low end, you would be making $160,000 monthly or just north of 1.9 million annually. If you are one of my 33 people, then I am focused on helping you as much as possible during the next five years. I’ve set the goal and I’m starting NOW. People need to ask themselves if they are one of the 33. That’s the question people need to be asking.

Oh yeah, another one of my goals is helping 12 key people earn $1 million per month by April of 2019!!!

I made a list of all the things I have to do to reach my goal. I need to find leaders, hire more staff, work with accountants, recruit more people, use principles and skills, etc. I’ve got notes everywhere so that my mind is constantly thinking about getting to 10,000 applications every single week in five years.

Keep in mind that the numbers don’t even count the people writing less than five applications per week.

Values, Belief, Expectations, Attitude and Actions. Don’t wait for the emotion to react. In your life, what does it take to move on all five of those fronts? Do you have to pretend like you are riding a jet ski to get excited? If thinking about that helps you smile, be motivated, etc. then think about riding a jet ski. Find whatever it is that gets you to do the things you need to do. It starts with writing down your goals. Once it is on paper, you can take action. You are not thinking about the negative, you are thinking about the future and how awesome it’s going to be.

Have you memorized The Alliance’s 8 Core Values? How about the 8 Steps to Success? I should be able to rattle off both those all the time. I need to find people that follow our values and do the 8 Steps. My 33 people are going to have values that line up with Excellence, Service, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Compassion, Community and Gratitude. My 33 are going to understand and actively practice the 8 Steps: Personal Use, Work, Listen, Read, Attend ALL Meetings, Be Teachable, Be Accountable and Communicate With A Positive Attitude.

If you want to EARN MORE, you are going to have to LEARN MORE. I’m going to find out who is reading the right books and working hard to improve.

In 20 years of hiring people, I have found that more people have quitability than stickability. People will quit something in a second. When you find people that have stickability then you have a winner. How do I do that? You get involved. You hang around the leaders of The Alliance at meetings and events. You associate with people. You talk to everybody you meet. There’s a ton of stuff you need to learn. You follow The Alliance Playbook. You memorize it. It’s that important.

What if you were playing in a championship game and your quarterback doesn’t know the play the coach is telling him to run? If he’s serious then he already knows the play and doesn’t even hesitate to take action.

Do you know what GS3 is? Quick! If you don’t know, find somebody who can teach you about Get Started, Goal Set, Go Serve. Go watch a video on this topic at www.NAAUniversity.com!!!

Whatever you do WILL BE COPIED. If you want to be a jerk to people, rest assured people working with you will be jerks to others. If you respect people and treat them correctly, you can bet that they will follow you and be nice to people. People will copy or duplicate you whether you want them to or not. What example are you setting?

My mindset is that I have to get 33 people trained and copying me. I’ve got to do things the right way because I know I will be copied by others.

I’ve set the goal of five years, but I want to get there faster.

YOU are important. People will copy you so what you do is important. Knowing your job is important, you will set the tone for others. Watch what people do more than what they say. What people say is important, but not if their actions don’t line up with their words.

You will behave like the people you spend the most time with. You will pick up mannerisms from those you associate with. Think about children and how fast they pick up on their environment. It starts at an early age and never really stops. People copy people.

It’s about eliminating obstacles, helping people by correcting and then you can be rewarded with FUN. When you work hard, you get to have fun as a reward.

People are not born leaders. They have to learn how to lead by watching others who have learned it. It’s YOUR job to create the example of selling and recruiting. You are setting the pace. Part of doing that is continuing to learn, teaching people what to do and remind yourself and others what they need to do.

The ideal person is one who sells and recruits with The Alliance. BOFUM is the one thing we do!!!

People need to hear that you believe in them. They need to hear you tell them they have greatness inside them. They need to know you CARE about them and that you think they matter.

This is not complicated. I’m going to have 33 people that are making multi-million dollar incomes before April of 2019. To reach that goal, I’ve got to work hard on things that are urgent and important. I can’t waste time on meaningless endeavors that erode massive amounts of time. That’s my goal and that’s what I’m going to do. Read “First Things First” by Stephen Covey to learn about the Four Quadrants – Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4!!!

I’m going to help people before I need them to help me. I’m going to find bold people that want to win big. I’m going to find people that are doing the basics. I’m going to help people that have set their own goals. I’m committed to following The Alliance playbook. I’m going to follow the “two are better than one” mindset. It’s how I’m going to do more for the next five years.

The last 13 years have been unbelievable and I’m grateful for that. However, I just turned 50 and the next five years are going to be even bigger and better. If YOU have the desire and the “want to,” then I’m letting you know now … YOU CAN DO IT!

Who are you looking for? You are looking for people that are Ready, Willing and Able. People that are F.A.T. – Faithful, Available, Teachable.

My name is Andy Albright and I’m going to help YOU be one of the 33 people that help The Alliance reach our 10,000 applications goal before April of 2019. 33-10-6-5 is just the beginning. The Alliance is going to build a legacy and it starts right now.

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  1. Matthew Sullivan
    Matthew Sullivan
    March 22, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Call me crazy, but when you talk about finding your 33, it speaks to me. I want to be one of those 33. I have a long way to go, but I’m not giving up.

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