What’s Your Story? The Alliance wants to know

In July of 2016, The Alliance released a video titled “What’s Your Story?” The purpose of this video was to remind people that everybody – yes, everybody — is either coming into a situation, coming out of a situation or they are right in the middle of a situation!!! That’s just how life works.

It is situation after situation!

I wanted to share this video with you on my blog, and ask that you share it with others. This video offers a glimpse of what The Alliance knows to be true. Please take a couple minutes to watch it now.

We shot this video in Greensboro prior to our weekly HotSpot meeting. We had story after story presented by so many members of The Alliance.

Your life is a journey. No two people view or share the same experience when it comes to life events. We each walk a truly unique path that winds differently than every other person’s journey.

As much as we want to believe or think that we know what a person is going through, it is nearly impossible to really know exactly what they are feeling as they deal with challenges and obstacles.

We can show that while we might not understand a person’s challenges that we do empathize and care about them by listening and helping them in any way possible. It can be a simple as a nodding as we listen to the person, patting them on the back, offering encouraging words or simply shaking their hand and making eye contact. Everything matters when you are communicating with people, especially when it is one-on-one interpersonal communication.

You have no idea how impactful a simple conversation can be for a person who is dealing with something ugly in their life. It can change their life and world forever.

People get very upset when they do not feel like you are listening or hearing what they are saying. Emotion is powerful and dangerous when it becomes negative. Listening and hearing what a person has to say is crucial in helping a person in need.

We all have a past. We all have a present. We all have a future. We don’t want to judge people based on what happened 20 years ago. Now, part of who a person is currently is determined by where they’ve been, where they are headed now and where they want to be in the future. Our experiences can guide us in a positive direction or in the wrong direction.

The Alliance wants all people to know that we care and we want to help people. We want to let everybody share their story. When we know a person’s story, we can better understand a person’s situation, their goals and what they are trying to accomplish.

The Alliance has a team that wants to help people share their stories. We believe those stories should be heard and respected so that we, collectively, can pursue our members’ dreams and help them make it a reality.

As you meet new people, work with your team, friends and family; take a moment to remember that you need to listen carefully and hear what people have to say. Don’t assume, overreact or brush aside what people say to you. Practice this moving forward and watch to see if people show appreciation to you in ways you will not believe. Letting people share their story with you is big!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Story? The Alliance wants to know

  1. Anza Hughes

    Thanks, Andy….I am into my 3rd week with Alliance… I was Diagnosed and had a huge Cancer Surgery in May 28, 2015. I lost everything I had and had to start over. Bad and most humbling lesson was I had an Insurance License and No Insurance at the Time!… So, I promised myself and the Good Lord, whom saw a need for me to receive a miracle, that, i would put my license to use along with my testimony, to Help others to not have to go through what I went through financially, because, not only did I go through it, but, my family did also…So, wherever this Leads, I will go!

  2. Lisa Fogel

    I agree that everyone’s story is different, but yet they are the same. They all have goals AND fears.

    My goal is to be successful for my family.
    And, my fear is that my multiple disabilities will inhibit that.

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