When you go fishing, you should be fishing!

I used to have a supervisor that loved to fish. He loved to fish so much that other people didn’t like going with him. He didn’t go to drink beer, eat a sandwich or talk to his buddies … he went to fish!

He was non-stop fishing the whole time he was out there. It drove people nuts.

When he went fishing that’s all he did. No radio, no chit chat, no breaks! He would cast a line, reel it in and cast again. If he caught a fish, great! Throw it in a box or bucket and cast again! He would do this for hours. People thought he was crazy.

He would come back from a fishing trip and people would ask him if he caught any fish? He would look at them funny with this sort of scowl on his face and he would laugh and answer, “I went fishing didn’t I?”

When he was at work, he was serious about work. When he went fishing, he was serious about fishing.

People don’t do what they should when they do something. Why? Why wouldn’t you do the things you know you should be doing instead of doing all the other stuff that don’t matter.

If you are recruiting – recruit!

If you are selling – sell!


My old supervisor had too much invested in his fishing trips to do anything but fish. Think about it. You’ve got to pack a tackle box, get your bait and get it ready, set up your rod just right and drive to a pond, ocean, creek, etc. Why, after all that, would you want to do anything but fish? It doesn’t make sense not to do as much fishing as you can while you are there. That’s why you went in the first place!

The moral of the story here is to be focused on what you are doing! You have to be focused if you want to get results!

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